Emmett Lynn

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  1. The Night of the Hunter

    The Night of the Hunter (1955)

    Die Nacht des Jägers

  2. Run for Cover

    Run for Cover (1955)

    Im Schatten des Galgens

  3. Ring of Fear

    Ring of Fear (1954)


  4. Monkey Business

    Monkey Business (1952)

    Liebling, ich werde jünger

  5. Pleasure Treasure
  6. Gold Is Where You Lose It
  7. Lady in the Death House
  8. Blazing Guns
  9. The Law Rides Again
  10. The Spoilers

    The Spoilers (1942)

    Die Freibeuterin

  11. Westward Ho
  12. Along the Rio Grande
  13. Robbers of the Range
  14. The Fargo Kid
  15. Wagon Train