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Peter Pans Fee "Tinker Bell" kriegt nicht nur eigene Filme, sondern auch Online Junkets!

Seit Walt Disneys Peter Pan gehört dïe kleine Fee Tinker Bell zu den beliebtesten Figuren des Disney-Universums. 2008 bekam sie mit Tinker Bell ihren ersten eigenen Film spendiert und dieses Jahr ist sie auf grosser Schatzsuche in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. Zum Release der DVD dieses Filmes fand einmal mehr ein sehr interessantes Virtual-Junket statt, zu dem OutNow.CH natürlich auch eingeladen war.

Es standen Sean Lurie (Regisseur) und Klay Hall (Produzent) für die Fragen der neugierigen Journalistenschar zur Verfügung. Hier ein Auszug des Junkets:

Q: What is the benefit of Blu-ray for a film such as this?

Sean Lurie: We produced the film in High Definition. Watching it on Blu-ray is, by far, the best way to see this. It's visually stunning and we don't want you to miss the incredible visual details.

Q: Why do you think it is important to bring the character of Tinker Bell to the forefront after many decades from the original?

Klay Hall: She is such a great iconic character that hadn't been tapped to her full potential. It seemed like it was a good time to showcase her to a new generation, yet still embrace the classic Tinker Bell. I want to say, once again, how real she is with all her little flaws and feistiness, yet she is relatable to every generation.

Q: Which is the secret to Tinker Bell's success?

Sean Lurie: I think it's her charm, curiosity, and that she is not perfect. These things make her relatable. And she can FLY!

Q: What are the differences you can see comparing the new Tinker Bell and the older one, being a co-star of Peter Pan?

Sean Lurie: The biggest difference has to be that she can talk in these movies. Even though she couldn't talk in the Peter Pan movie she was very expressive. You always knew what she was trying to communicate. We tried to keep her very expressive, and maintain her key personality traits. Translating her from 2D drawings to a fully 3 dimensional character is also a visual difference. We tried to be as accurate in her appearance as possible. It was important that people recognize and accept her as the Tink they know and love.

Q: Do you anticipate any of the other Peter Pan characters making appearances in Tinker Bell films?

Klay Hall: You never know! It would be great.

Q: What was John Lasseter's involvement like on this film? At what level(s)?

Klay Hall: It was awesome! Working with John was a dream come true. He is so invested in these Tinker Bell films and very hands on. John is very much a collaborator and helpful at every level. He was involved practically at all levels. From working with us on the original story pitch, costume design, character design to sequence approval, animation, music and the final sounds effects mix.

Q: Is there a significant amount of pressure involved with making films based on such a beloved and venerable character as Tinker Bell?

Klay Hall: Yes. There is tremendous pressure. After all, she is an iconic character and represents the Walt Disney Company in many ways, such as at the ambassador of the theme parks. Everyone knows Tinker Bell's personality, so we had to stay true to who she was, but yet, also, give her a fresh appearance. What is great about Lost Treasure is that it is set in the autumn and we were able to update her little dress into a fall outfit.

Q: How many animators worked on Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure?

Klay Hall: From storyboard artists, to animators, to CG camera blockers, to CG model builders, we had many hundreds of talented individuals working on our film.

Q: What do you think are some of Tink's great qualities that young girls can aspire to?

Sean Lurie: Tink has a curiosity and sincerity in her intentions. She learns in the movie to take responsible for her actions, as well as the importance of friendship. I think all of these are qualities anyone can aspire to.

Viel zu schnell ging die Zeit vorbei, viele Fragen konnten aus diesem Grund nur kurz behandelt werden. Trotzdem gab das Junket einen kleinen Einblick in die Arbeit zum Film, der Figur und natürlich der Machart. Da freuen wir uns doch auf den nächsten Tink-Film, der da heisst: Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

Dani Maurer [muri]

Muri ist als Methusalem seit 2002 bei OutNow. Er mag (fast) alles von Disney, Animation im Allgemeinen und Monsterfilme. Dazu liebt er Abenteuer aus fremden Welten, Sternenkriege und sogar intelligentes Kino. Nur bei Rom-Coms fängt er zu ächzen an. Wobei, im IMAX guckt er auch die!

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