Nine Lives (2005)

Nine Lives (2005)

  1. 115 Minuten

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Filmkritik: Katzenjammer


Rodrigo Garcia scheint Episodenfilme mit Frauen zu mögen.
Sein Erstling schilderte zwar erst fünf Frauenschicksale aber mit Diaz, Flockhart, Baker und Golino hat er auch eine gewisse Starpower zu bieten.

Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her

Hat den jemand gesehen?


wie er der sonntagszeitung berichtete, sind seine beiden filme erst zwischenschritte zum endgültigen ziel: ein episodenfilm mit 90 episoden à je 1min. er wisse aber selber noch nicht, wie man sowas machen würde 😊


I don't want to give away the surprise but in the last vignette with Glenn Close, they were NOT at the father's grave. It's a lot deeper than that!


hmm... i'm pretty sure she [the girl] even asks why they would visit her fathers grave only once a year...


Die RC1-DVD ist erschienen!

There's a fantastic 73-minute Q & A Session with writer/director Rodrigo Garcia and actors Amy Brenneman, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Kathy Baker, and Joe Mantegna. Moderated by David Lee Strasberg, this is a packed session, with tons of anecdotes and insights from the filmmakers.

Four featurettes are also included: The Women of NINE LIVES (6:50), Sonia: Blocking a Scene (7:32), Working with One Continuous Take (8:45), and Maggie: A Day at the Cemetery (4:37) take you back-stage and on-set of this decidedly unique little movie.

Lila Schwarz

in the last Scene...
she was visiting her doughter's graveyard...
it became clear in the end as the camera turned 360 , all of a sudden she's alone. She left the grapes there and made her way back, alone...
The little girl didn't say anything about visiting her grandfather once a year, she only said... I can't remember grandfather, of course she can't she has only lived maybe 9 years... maybe
I like this movie and especially the end.
it's a movie worth seeing once a while

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